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ASC Financial helps provide its clients with a financially secure and comfortable tomorrow. As such, President and Founder Andrew Corbman works hand in hand with clients to develop their wealth, manage their assets, and protect these for legacy planning purposes. Andrew has over twenty years of experience under his belt, assisting hundreds of clients navigate around and avoid the common pitfalls of retirement planning. At ASC Financial, he puts his expertise on the following to good use:

Retirement Strategies

While it is never too early to start planning for the future, any dependable retirement plan should be bolstered by tax-deferred retirement income strategies. Andrew Corbman solidifies clients’ retirement strategies through Fixed Annuities and Life Insurance options. Fixed Annuities are designed to meet long term goals as it provides a 100% guarantee against losses on your principal, with an added death benefit for beneficiaries. Meanwhile, Life Insurance, or a cash value life insurance policy to be more specific, can complement retirement strategies that are directed towards supporting family when the principal dies.

Social Security Exploration

Social Security should no longer be the only basket you’re holding as you approach your retirement years. Thus, Andrew Corbman reviews clients’ Social Security income benefits and asks the most important question of all: are these enough? Through ASC Financial’s Social Security exploration service, clients can discover other types of benefits available to them that they otherwise may not have known about, such as ex-spousal, dependent, or caregiver benefits.

Legacy Planning Concepts

ASC Financial are not estate planners and do not provide tax and legal advice. However, ASC Financial can help clients explore their life insurance options and align these with their legacy planning goals. Andrew Corbman can facilitate a meaningful discussion on the legacy of clients, and prompt them to take action while they are still here.

Plan for tomorrow with ASC Financial today!